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Personal care and medication management

Each resident is an individual at Holton Home.

We have trained aides awake around the clock to assist residents with whatever they need. If a call button is pushed in the middle of the night, someone is awake and alert to come and attend to a need: whether it’s opening or closing a window, dealing with a medical emergency, adjusting the temperature in the room, assisting a resident to the bathroom, providing a drink of water…whatever is needed.

Personal care:  Assistance is offered with showering, dressing, grooming and incontinence care.  We test blood sugars, take vital signs and treat skin issues and more.  Perhaps most importantly, the aides get to know the residents very well, and then pay close attention, noticing the first signs of a urinary tract infection or a neurological event.

Medication management:  We keep track of each resident’s medical regimen and bring them their medications at the right time and frequency, and make sure they take them according to their doctor’s orders.

Nursing oversight and coordination with physicians


Our registered nurse is available full time, five days a week. Her office is positioned in the center of the home near the dining room where she can observe residents as they go about their daily activities and they can easily access her.

She attends to doctor’s orders but focuses much of her time on prevention, assessing residents proactively and acting on the aides' observations so as to inform the doctor and treat the problem before it becomes an emergency. 

Our goal is to keep each resident at the highest level of functioning, least amount of pain and best health they can have.

And doctors love having their patients here – because they know that we are paying close attention to our residents well-being; that we ensure residents take their medications as prescribed, and the doctors know they’ll get a call before there’s a crisis.

Physicians also know that, if necessary, they can prescribe a special treatment regimen and it will be followed at Holton Home, whereas, many elders simply could not be expected to manage those treatment regimens in their previous homes.

Fabulous food

We serve three nutritious meals daily. All food is prepared by our cooks using locally-grown produce whenever possible. We do not serve ‘institutional’ food. The vast majority of what comes out of our kitchen is made from scratch.

We provide choices at every meal and accommodate special diets, as well as personal likes (and dislikes).

We have residents who are diabetic, gluten free, vegetarian, or who need soft foods. We take special pride in honoring individual dietary preferences – including whether you like your green beans  cooked soft or still a little crisp – and offer several options for varying tastes at every meal.  

And there is a range of times when you can come down for each meal – breakfast, as an example, is cooked to order from 7:00-9:00 a.m. each morning.

We also have a snack cart that goes around in the afternoon with fresh fruit, packaged goodies, cookies from the kitchen, and the like.

In addition to our regularly scheduled service, residents can get something anytime they want: if you wake up at 2:00 a.m. with a powerful hankering for a bowl of ice cream, you ring your call button and someone will come attend to you.

Short of rummaging around in the icebox, we want residents to feel at home.

Housekeeping and laundry

We check the residents’ rooms daily and clean them weekly, and as needed.

We launder resident’s clothing and linens weekly in individual loads (so that favorite sock comes home with its mate). And we fold and put their laundry away, unless they prefer to do that themselves.

We can hand-wash and air-dry delicate items and we strive to take the care with residents’ things as they would at home.

Activities at the home and out and about

Holton Home chorus with Susan Dedell

Please see our Activities page for more photos and a calendar of what's on for this month.
We offer an extensive calendar and broad range of activities to our residents.

We invest everything we can in resident activities because we know that it will help our residents develop and maintain every capability they have as they age with us.

In addition to a full schedule of activities on site, we have day and overnight trips for those residents who are able and interested.

We’ve taken residents out to meet a litter of 10-week-old Golden Retriever puppies – leaving smiles and a lingering happiness with everyone.

We’ve gone down to see Bald Eagles down in Northfield, MA and have had introductory Tai Chi classes for residents to try.

One of our favorite events last year was a beautifully appointed high tea – with linen table clothes, tall flower arrangements, and a wide selection of hats, scarves, pearl necklaces, and gloves for the residents to wear. We also brought out our large collection of Wedgewood teacups that we use several times a year for special events.  It was just delightful.

Many residents have family members who visit them on a regular basis and we have volunteers and members of the Visiting Committee who visit with those whose family is too far away for frequent socializing. The Visiting Committee helps to enrich our residents’ social lives and keeps Holton Home residents vitally connected to the community-at-large.

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"You and everyone at Holton have been kind and welcoming.  I appreciate every bit!"

Love, A resident January 7, 2016

It is because of our community of kind friends that Holton Home has been able to provide exceptional service to elders for more than 120 years. Thank you.

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