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Around the Halls – with Timeslips!

For years now we have been writing stories as a group with the help of Timeslips, a storytelling activity where the idea is to show photos to people with memory loss, and get them to imagine what’s going on.  We used the picture shown above.  There are no right or wrong answers, and there is always a lot of laughter!  Enjoy!

Seven Come Eleven or the Good Time Girls

They’re us and they’re friends.  Sadie, with the pearl necklace, is gambling with her best friend and neighbor, Julie.  They escape from the Assisted Living Facility and gamble three times a week.  They are sick of playing Bingo and are bored, so they take a chauffeured car to the Casino.  It’s exciting!  They want to win lots of money and gamble it again!  They look eager and ready to fly the coop.  They are always trying to convince their friends to join them, but their families don’t know they do this and are wondering why Sadie & Julie are always running out of money.  Their friends are worried about their secret nightlife and are worried that they will lose all their money and get kicked out!  Julie and Sadie think their friends are just stick-in-the-muds because they always have so much fun at the casino!  They’re hoping to win the jackpot and travel the world.  They’d go to Monaco first and gamble.  They want to look for Frank Sinatra because he usually performs at these Casinos.  They want to see Frank Sinatra, to talk to him, do everything with ol’ Blue Eyes so they can brag to their friends.  One night, a world-wide search for these ladies find them in Monaco, and they refuse to return because they are having too much fun!  So they build a Casino at the Assisted Living Facility and they live happily ever after!

Written by Karuna, Kay, Joanne, Ethel, Marie, Grace, Barb

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