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Best of Both

One Hundred Year Plans

While we are committed to continually updating our strategies of care, infrastructure, and the amenities we offer our residents and their families, we feel a powerful responsibility to be good stewards of this building and the tradition of personalized care that Holton Home has brought forward to us over more than 120 years.

Much of what’s wonderful about Holton Home has to do with tradition. We hold on tight to some important old values.

While we laud our history and our tradition, we also are eager to change as our resident population changes and readily embrace new ideas that will help us better care for and engage our residents.

We have wireless internet in the building. There is a resident computer. We have someone in the building who can troubleshoot tech problems residents have with their computers, iPads and other digital devices.

computerAs residents’ interests change, the activities we offer follow suit.  Menus reflect today’s elders, interior design evolves, and the latest research on optimizing health and addressing disease is incorporated in our care.

It is because of our community of kind friends that Holton Home has been able to provide exceptional service to elders for more than 120 years. Thank you.

Holton Home
158 Western Avenue
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Tel: 802.254.4155