Holton Home, Western Ave Brattleboro VT  setting the standard in elder care since 1892


Licensed by the State of Vermont as a residential care home, we provide assistance with daily tasks, giving our residents the freedom to enjoy life and maintain independence. Caring staff are available 24 hours a day to help with personal care and medication. A nurse monitors each resident’s health. Also included in the affordable monthly fee are three delicious meals each day, activities, and housekeeping and laundry services. Holton Home has been a non-profit since 1892.

Around the Halls of Holton Home

The residents of Holton Home and I have been traveling the world.  We went to South Dakota and saw where Joy grew up.  We saw the most beautiful parts of each of the fifty states, and we saw places all over the world that looked like they were straight out of fairy tales: castles, kingdoms and forests.  We even watched footage of a drone over the ski jump, under the Dummerston Covered Bridge and at Hamilton Falls.

Wherever anyone wants to go, we go.  Anything anyone wants to see we see, and if we need a little pick me up,

Our Annual Yard Sale is Coming Up!

Once again, our Visiting Committee is putting on our annual yard sale.  It will be held at Holton Home from 9am – 2pm on Saturday, July 28th.  There will be the usual assortment of fun and interesting items – you never know what you’ll find!  All proceeds benefit our residents.

Do You Know Someone…

Do you have a friend or loved one who would benefit if someone else took care of those daily details?  And would enjoy meeting new friends and caregivers?  We are accepting applications for both respite care and long-term stays.  For more information, call Emma at Holton Home, 254-4155 and Debra at Bradley House, 254-5524.

It is because of our community of kind friends that Holton Home has been able to provide exceptional service to elders for more than 120 years. Thank you.

Holton Home
158 Western Avenue
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Tel: 802.254.4155