Holton Home, Western Ave Brattleboro VT  setting the standard in elder care since 1892


Licensed by the State of Vermont as a residential care home, we provide assistance with daily tasks, giving our residents the freedom to enjoy life and maintain independence. Caring staff are available 24 hours a day to help with personal care and medication. A nurse monitors each resident’s health. Also included in the affordable monthly fee are three delicious meals each day, activities, and housekeeping and laundry services. Holton Home has been a non-profit since 1892.
Bradley house

Bradley House UPDATE

Are you the kind of person who likes to imagine a great vacation, a new house, or a better world? Most of us have a bit of the dreamer inside. If we’re lucky, sometimes it’s not just a fantasy.

That is the enviable place I find myself right now in the part of my day I spend at Bradley House. While there are some repairs that must be addressed immediately, most improvements will be part of a major project of renovations and expansion of the beautiful mansion that Richards M Bradley built for his bride back in 1858. We imagine a few more than the current 28 private rooms, to serve the burgeoning numbers of elders in need of care. We dream of every resident having their own bathroom, and hallways that are wide and brightly lit. We wish for a large dining room where everyone can gather and enjoy a meal, a party or a performance together. I want especially to offer the dedicated and incredibly hardworking staff proper working conditions, with an efficient layout and equipment that allows more time with residents and less trying to find what you need or make the gosh-darned copier work!

Does any of this sound familiar?

It is because of our community of kind friends that Holton Home has been able to provide exceptional service to elders for more than 120 years. Thank you.

Holton Home
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